Pt. Dinkar Kaikini

Born on October 2, 1927, Dinkar Kaikini was all of seven years when he attended a concert that was to change his life forever. In one evening, he had the rare opportunity of hearing three greats of a Golden Age in Hindustani Sangeet: Ustad Alladiya Khan, Ustad Faiyaz Khan and Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. Upon hearing Ustad Faiyaz Khan, the young boy knew that he must devote his life to this art form and to the particular style of Faiyaz Khan Saheb himself.

An excellent performer, he was a dedicated teacher and a creative composer all rolled into one. He did not sing just khyal music but was also an excellent singer of thumris, and had the ability to move one to tears with his voice throw (pukar). An introspective musician, he communed with his music while performing. "Music is for 'atmaranjan' (engage one's own soul) and not for 'lokranjan'(entertainment)," he would often say.



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